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Who is IPP Review?

IPP Review (ISSN: 2424984X) is a content-driven website that offers discussions and analyses of political, economic, social issues concerning the countries of Asia and elsewhere around the world.

IPP Review is sponsored by a team of renowned scholars who provide independent and objective analyses which help our readers understand Asian and global events, and to promote peace and development around the world.

IPP Review was established in January 2016 and is operated by International Public Policy Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-registered company which is independent of any organization.

China and the World

China is playing an increasingly important role in the region and the world. Within Asia, China has taken its place at center stage. As such, the world needs to have a better understanding of China. Misunderstandings have led to uncertainty in many other countries about China. Such uncertainty has affected China, including its attempt to assume greater responsibilities in global affairs.

While China seeks to let the world have a better understanding of the real China, the rest of the world also wants to understand the real China. With greater understanding of what China can offer the world, both China and the world can achieve win-win cooperation, including in the area of mutual development.

IPP Review helps bridge this gap in understanding between China and the world. It is for this purpose that IPP Review is building a bilingual platform in the global hub city of Singapore, which itself stands at the crossroads of Eastern and Western civilizations.

While our readers can learn about the same events from newspapers and magazines, very often the articles in those publications lack in-depth analyses. Our readers may seek deeper analyses from professional or academic journals, but those publications may not publish their articles on a timely basis, and their content may be too specialized for a general audience.

IPP Review seeks to bridge the gap. Our articles are timely and quick to respond to major global events. Our authors, who include scholars, researchers, and professionals, offer expert analyses and commentaries that help our readers gain a deeper understanding of these events and their implications.

As IPP Review is based in Singapore, we are able to tap its rich network of research centers and think tanks and its position as a knowledge hub for Southeast Asia.

Data-driven Research

IPP Review offers our authors a platform to share their research with our global audience. Our authors have the freedom to share their diverse content as long as their research is based on rationality, facts, and experience.

The diversity of authors reflects the diversity of the world. Given this diversity, it is important that our content is united by being data-driven. From this factual basis, IPP Review can serve as the platform for researchers and their audience to reach consensus, and more broadly, to serve as the platform for global cooperation.

Growth of IPP Review

As of July 27, 2017, IPP Review has published a total of 475 articles and 75 short commentaries. With the increasing visibility of our articles, IPP Review is increasingly receiving manuscripts from new authors. Due to the need for strict quality control, not all of these manuscripts can be published.

In terms of our web traffic, visitors to our website reached 530,000 in July 2017. In less than a year and a half, our traffic grew more than 10 times, and our growth continues to accelerate.

The visitors to IPP Review are geographically diverse. As of July 2017, most of our visitors came from the Philippines, the United States, Pakistan, India, and Taiwan. The large number of Filipino visitors stems from our selection of articles focused on the South China Sea issue, which is a hot issue for the Philippines.

Areas for Cooperation

As a platform for global cooperation, IPP Review seeks cooperation from colleagues in the social sciences and in the professional fields to perform joint research or to help promote research findings to our global audience. We can also help internationalize the research findings of colleagues in various countries, and help share their research with an audience from around the world.


The views expressed in the articles and blog posts of the IPP Review do not necessarily reflect the views of International Public Policy Pte. Ltd.


Articles in IPP Review are published under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives licence. You are allowed to republish our articles, but the content must not be changed, you must cite IPP Review as the source, and you must provide a link back to the original article on the IPP Review website.

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